Week 8

This was the last week of the movie project which was a surprise because we were going to be done after spring break but since we were practicing done it was due Thursday. On Tuesday we printed again on a1 the professors loved the new improvements and I was practically done and just needed to make slight adjustments which were fixing the eyes a little bit, changing the contrast on the camera as it was a bit gray. Add some logos of the productions but I only found one. Also we had to print the posters on a size of 24 by 36. Overall it was a fun project which I actually enjoyed.



Week 7

For the next week we had to make another a3 poster for each and to improve on them, they were slightly better however needed more improvement since it had to be a mix of raster and vector law told me to take pictures of an actual camera, to improve my sea horse to fix my horrible type which I didn’t like anyway. The hardest was finding the right typeface that would look like how the title sounds which is get out. After searching for many typeface I couldn’t find any that matches so I found a good bold somewhat condensed typeface and created my own typeface by adjusting it slightly to make it roughed up by sanding it. Then I scanned it and had a really nice matching type face which I included in my next a1 posters for Thursday.

Week 6

The following week, after talking with the professors they liked some of my ideas but we decided to go for the eyes for pragmatic, the camera for persuasive and the chess pieces for poetic that would represent the characters in the movie the family would be white chess pieces since they are white and the pawn is the black main character as he is the pawn for the white family. For the class we had to make a3 posters which I thought was a little too soon to get that far but since we were missing the Tuesday class because of sports day we had to make big progress. However law and Leland didn’t like any of the posters we made we had a critique where law basically lectured us on how bad the posters were. We had to make a system between all three and we discussed how to make a poetic poetic and a pragmatic pragmatic etc. based on hierarchy and other elements to add in the poster.

Week 5

During the first week of starting this new project about movies, law and Leland told us we had to choose 5 movies that we liked and collect its information on the producers, actors, music, directors, writers etc. the movies I choose were interstellar, get out, oceans 11, south paw, and the dark knight rises. Then during class we had to make a final decision on which movie we will going to be doing posters for. I was stuck between interstellar and get out, both great movies that I could do so much with. Based on people’s votes I went with get out, it’s such an amazing movie that is unexpecting with a great story. For the next class we had to make 15 rough sketch’s 5 for each category pragmatic, poetic and persuasive. Personally for me it was kind of hard thinking of ideas for pragmatic and persuasive as most of the ideas were repetitive. However, the poetic was the easiest and most interesting for me, because the movie is so deep with so many symbolic aspects that can be used for the poetic category.

Week 6

For the final week of this project I still had a lot to do and consider the composition and placements of objects and type in the packaging. I also had to include more secondary colors as I had 16 packages. Some of the problem I faced was the placement and making each package in each category the same as the other. Also I had a big problem when printing each image or object had a box around it that was a slightly different color than the background. I tried several ways to fix it then found a solution by making a clipping mask in photoshop which helped me fix this problem then I had to replace all of the images with the fixed ones. Overall I think my packaging makes are pretty good and enjoyed creating the brand.

Week 5

The fifth week I had to fix many things on my packaging since we were focusing on creating a system using colors etc. my idea was creating a color for each category and then a secondary color for each flavor or different type of product in that category. However I based on what Leland had told me I had to improve a lot in making them look the same in terms of composition and placement of certain objects and type.


Week 4

The forth week, I was researching on ideas on how to make my logo and I decide to go with printed hands of kids when they play with paint. I decided to go with that because kids are messy and they like to play and eat with their hands therefore I thought I would use the theme of their hands to represent that. I also looked for different typefaces that looked fun and somehow related to children and discussed it with Leland, which we ended up choosing the final typeface. I also got feedback on how to organize or display the hands with the type. I played around with both the type and the hands resizing them and moving them around. We also had to start printing out packages and placing our graphics and branding on them. We had a critique almost every class where Leland discussed each and every package to make improvements.