Final: Book Jacket

For this final project we were suppose to design a book jacket. At the beginning my word/verb was mystify, which a lot of experimentation went into making something interesting. At first the experiments I did was completely wrong and I didn’t know exactly what to use in my experiments, however after I understood I started creating some interesting things. After trying different types of medias I went along with using the dough and colouring dye to create my final word which was Mystery. I tried several times trying to recreate my first experiment since the dough was a bit difficult to control. Overall I enjoyed the whole project and is very happy with the result I enjoyed mostly creating the actual book jacket and placing everything the way I liked.



Final: Demystfying project

This topic is about workers’ rights in Qatar, workers are brought in from mostly south Asia to work in the construction industry. Many of them have been brought in to work on the construction of the world cup 2022, these migrant workers continue to suffer abuse and exploitation. They think they are going to get a great job and will be able to support their families and get a salary of 3000qr, however, when they actually come here they only get 1000qr. Labourers have to work in really hard temperatures and heat, some even fall dead on the job.

Workers shouldn’t get abused and should be comfortable in their work place. They don’t entirely get all they are promised and that is unfair to them. Therefore, the aim of this project is to show inequalities through a video format which portrays a commercial guy advertising a great job for anyone that is in need of it. The purpose of the video is to show how these construction works are promised something and get barely anything in return. Furthermore, a person signs the contract and in return he gets a package that symbolically represents the promise of everything they are offered. Although, when the package is opened it is empty just like the broken promises that are made to international workers.

Final Reflection

After having discussed my poster with Law and Mahmoud, I did the slight changes that they suggested I do. One of the key things I learnt through this project was applying picture and text to make a poster. Definitely one of the most important things we focused on as well was hierarchy which was introduced in the beginning when Law was first explaining the project. I have to say I did learn a whole lot and feel that the experience of trying and having a critique to see what needs to be changed and whats working has defiantly made me understand better and be able to critique myself having the knowledge that I do now. Finally I am very happy with my final and feel that I worked hard even though it feels like it was pretty easy which is probably because I got the hang of this. I didn’t have much difficulties or problems expect for my final which was printed really badly, I discussed it with Law and he said I could reprint which was fine. One major key point I learned which will help me in the future is never to print at xerox. Overall this was a great experience and I learnt a lot which I didn’t expect that I would Im happy with my work and my improvement throughout the whole course. Thank you Law and Mahmoud, Law I still hate you. Goodnight… NO MORE BLOG:).


Week 14

For next class we had to bring in a tiled a2 of our final poster with the changes that were suggested from the critique last week. I was asked to make 2 colored boxes for text and change the opacity of it. This was because without the box it would be difficult to read as my background is very busy. Also Law suggested places where I could place my sentence and logo. After coming in with the new tiled a2 poster we had another critique. From that critique Law mentioned that we should be working on an a1 size since the final will be a1. And the suggestions that were made to my poster was breaking up the sentence as well as changing the size of the font as its too small. Another suggestion that was made was increasing the opacity of the coloured boxes because it was too light. Having gotten that feedback I went and implemented it in my next poster we had to print for next class tiled and in a1. Having done the changes I printed mine the day before, I felt that the logo stood out more that the paragraph so I asked mahmoud and he suggested I make the box bigger since the font size was a good size. I made the changes and printed it, tiled it and hanged it the day before. The next day we had another critique and this was the last one before we submit our final. First we were put into groups and had to write on a number of posters changes that should be made. After that Law asked us to put our names on the bored if we wanted to discuss our posters with him. I was the first to put my name but then Mahmoud put Deemas on top of mine and Law allowed it because their evil.(so unfair!!!) Anyway the changes that I was told to make was to change the box size as well as the point size of the sentence slightly. Another change was to put a white background for my logo and change it to a better position. There wasn’t much changes to be made since we are almost done anyway.

Final Reflection

This week was the most hectic week since everything was due on Monday, it was so stressful and worrying that not everything is going to be done on time. We came over the weekend to work. On Saturday we realised that we needed a carpet so i went and looked for a shop after taking the right measurement, I went to several places and couldn’t find one that would make it really quickly. After looking and looking I found someone that can make the carpet by Sunday, it took forever to make them understand or come to a resolution on what I wanted. After that i headed to uni to finish setting up. We all had a chance to paint the walls. Hessa almana did most of the painting and painted the pedistools as well. She also put up the fabric for almost all the L shaped walls and I helped here with that as well. I also set up the projectors after Hessa almahmoud finished working on the video and music and plugged it in the projectors. After they brought in the carpets on sunday I went to set it up but there was a problem with the size it was slightly too big so Hessa almana started cutting the edges to make it fit. I also created a poster which ended up being thrown because the group didn’t like it. And I also created a poster to show the audience where to take off their shoes. Deema helped with setting up 2 sides of the l shaped walls where fabric had to be hung while hessa almahmoud took the measurements. I cleaned the floor and scraped the paint off it it was a terrible experience. Also Deema and I clean the carpets and mopped the floor. Hessa Almahmoud created the titles and signs around the installations and I helped her cut them only. She measured and stuck them. I got the darts which were too pointy and easy to pop balloons with so Hessa almahmoud filed them to make it harder to pop. Hessa almana set up the fans and put it together. We were also considering put the fan up on a shelve which the handyman drilled for us but when Hessa and I put it up I wasn’t feeling any air towards the bottom so we decided to use pedistools for both the projectors and the fans. Hessa removed the shelve by undrilling it because the wooden shelve didn’t look very pleasant with the whole scene. Deema Set up the douve in the second room and cover the whole floor as well as she covered the pedistools with fabric. Throughout the whole process I feel that we took risks as it was a process of trial and error. Some of the things that we wanted to do were risky and failed so we changed it we tried hanging the fan but it didn’t work out. Time management really needs some work because almost everything was last min and the handyman getting sick on the wrong day so its always better to be ahead than behind. I discovered that I’m not a very good cleaner. And that process and error is a necessary tool in everything when you are creating something not everything you do from the first time will be perfect or how you imagined it.

I feel that my group accomplished the idea of reality vs heaven and using the balloon to symbolise dreams. I feel like we managed to create a very nice installation which everyone enjoyed. The experience was well thought out to deliver a clear message and that is a great accomplishment. We researched the movie and the deeper meaning behind it and looked for ideas where we would find and create a point or meaning to our installation. We discovered that the movie has a lot of meanings to it and can symbolise many things. We experimented with almost everything we used the whole process was experimentation if something did work we would have to think of another solution and i feel we managed to make it work. The groups concerns about the project were finishing on time as well as in the beginning we didn’t have the L shaped walls set up. We also thought about how the balloon would last or when to bring it so it would stay flying. We addressed these concerns by working through it and experimenting if there was something not working we discussed it as a group and thought of new ways to find a solution, for example when we brought in the carpet it was too big, I wanted to move the walls but hessa thought of cutting it. Also when we tried to put up the fans on the shelves and it wasn’t working we decided to use the pedistool instead. The whole project was a new innovation it was our first time creating an installation which was pretty excited and I’m proud of what we accomplished.


Week 13

During this week we had to discuss who is bringing what and organise ourselves and the group to get started. I was in charge of taking Isabel to get the L shaped walls. We discussed as a group who is doing what. I was getting the paint, darts, and pins. Deema was in charge of getting the balloons and cotton/pillows. Hessa almahmoud was getting the projector which were borrowed from a friend and was going to make the video and music to show on the projector. Hessa almana was getting the fabric to cover the second room. As well as fans. On Wednesday we had a big problem where the L shaped walls weren’t put up and Law was going to see process work. The handyman was sick so we had to wait till Wednesday for the L shaped walls to be put. So on Wednesday we painted the walls and explained to Law what we were doing he was very positive about it and was looking forward to it. Just one problem came up which was if they take off their shoes where would they step on so we decided to get a carpet which I was in charge of.

Week 12

The following week we came in having discussed our ideas further as a group and based on what we were talking about I felt that the group where leaning more towards the idea of the installation. The idea is basically creating two rooms where we the first room is where the audience try popping the balloon using darts and the second is where they sit in a white room and feel the air as if they are flying in the sky. These two rooms will be a reconstruction of the scene where the boys try popping the balloon with rocks and the second is where the boy flew up in the sky while holding all the balloons which was the last scene. After discussing the deeper meaning of the movie I felt that this was a good idea because from the installation the audience can experience reality and heaven. Where the red ballon is used to symbolise dreams and in reality there will always people who want to ruin your dreams or sabotage it which is being shown in the first room which is reality. The second room is where the audience experience that they are flying just like when they are dreaming or when they are making their dreams come true. After discussing this with Law we had to come back next class and explain how we where going to make the happen.

So we discussed this as a group and come in next class explaining how we were going to do it. So we were going to get three L shaped walls and to create two rooms. The first room is going to have projector where it shows a setting of a sky, with a red balloon flying around we decided to put a fan so the balloon would move and make it a bit harder for the audience to hit just like when the boys were trying to pop the balloon. In the next room it will have projectors also showing a scene of the sky and the audience will have to remove their shoes and step on a cloud like material our first idea was to use pillows or cotton. There will be a fan so the audience can feel the breeze as if they were actually flying.