Week 8

For the missed classes Law just had to ruin our holiday by telling us we had to do some work. So while he had a relaxed break I work on the logo for our store trying to finalize it for the manual. I also worked on the spreads by applying a grid to the pages also I added a contents page. Mostly I focused on designing the pages to make the manual match our theme of the store. And because the group and I haven’t met in a while most of the time I was trying to finalize ideas so we talking in our group chat discussing our final logo, materials we are using for the store and the color schemes. I also looked for typeface to use for my manual however I was confused about whether we can use any typeface or if it had to be the same typeface we are using for the store. I also searched how to create a neon effect so I can apply to the logo so I learned something new. The group then chose to go with the logo I made.


Week 7

This week I actually learnt a lot as law taught us again how to create a clipping path as some people didn’t actually learn or understand the last time. Also I learnt how to create a slug as well as what to include in the slug. We also went through the things we had to include in our manual which was a very long list. Law also taught us how to change the resolution of an image which was making the size smaller and increasing the resolution. We also learnt another thing but we didn’t really have to incorporate it or use it in the manual which was editing channels.

Week 6

After that stressful week, law introduced us to the next step which was the manual we had to create for our store. We looked at different examples of brand manuals and I also learnt what a brand manual actually was. It was basically what we put into the presentation but we had to transfer it to a manual and come up with a mission statement. Also based on the feedback we got our group did a mistake by putting all the logos, all the slogans, and typefaces. So now we had to choose just one instead of putting all of it. I came up with several slogans which the group and I ended up going with.

Week 5

The fifth week Munyyra and I had already started thinking about making our postcards for the store which is a sort of invitation card telling people about the store, location, timings etc. we also had to choose several things that was relevant to the theme of our store like the background picture. I looked for neon light pictures however there was a lot to consider before choosing the right picture like the resolution had to be 300 at least otherwise it would be pixelated when printed. I also learned about the rgb and cmyk. And law also taught us clipping path on photoshop which we were supposed to have known already as well as how to convert an image to cmyk after editing it for the postcard. All images and logos had to be in black and white. This week was a very stressful week as we had a presentation coming up and the post card was due the same day we had to present. On Tuesday before the presentation we met after class to work further on the presentation we discussed typefaces that matches our theme. I also learned how to use the new printers and successfully printed my postcard.


Week 4

During the forth week it was a work week and we met in groups where my group and I created a presentation and developed all our ideas we also created mood boards to better visualize our ideas on the presentation and I started by writing a paragraph of the concept. Based on the feedback we got we started changing some stuff and thinking about our things to incorporate. We also had to come up with a slogan. Munyyra came up with fiz your mind. And we also made changes to the logos.

Week 3

After last week we had to come in to class ready to chose which concept we had decided on. We went with the first concept which was creating a megastore that explored a sci fi and fantasy theme which had to be interactive engaging and cool. We went and got into our groups to discuss possible names for our store, logos, color schemes, materials, audience and look for any visuals to help communicate the concept of the place. We looked at key words that described what we wanted our store to be like. After that I came up with the brand name fizz which everyone seemed to like it seemed fun and bubbly in English and in Arabic it meant to get up really quickly which seemed to be a relevant name for our idea and concept. We also decided to create a neon feel to our store to make it cool and energetic. And discussed what’s going to be sold and the materials we wanted to use which was neon lights concrete walls and acrylic floors. We then had to present our ideas to the class and got feedback.

Week 2

During the following week we all met at lagoona mall at 2. We had to get a notepad and pen to take notes on two stores that had to be different concepts. I went around looking at different stores and ended up looking at Chanel which is a luxury store and fauchon which is a French gourmet that offers pastries, chocolate, confectionery and a cafe and catering services. So basically we had to take notes on the shopfront design and comment on the design concept, branding, materials, colors and construction. I started to look at things I never paid attention to before like the materials used to make the shop and how colors were used to design each area, as well as how everything was placed and located. After taking some notes on two stores I went back to law and he told me to look at more details and write why everything was the way it was which is what I did. The next class we were put into groups with the interior students I was assigned to a group that had Munyra that was with me in graphic and hamda and Maha who are in interior. We then had to get into our groups and discuss the 4 concepts of which store we wanted to make. We discussed and were interested in two which was the first one that is a kind of megastore and the last one which is a restaurant.