Week 8

During the last week of this project Law suggested I go around aspire and look for a nice spot to picture my word after I showed him the one o took last week. So on Sunday during break time I borrowed a camera from VCU and went out I went to burgerry a restaurant near Villagio and aspire and chose to picture there because I like the exterior of the place and felt I had a lot to work with. I took around 50 pictures and the next day I took it to law and we chose 3 of the best ones out of the 50. After that I went to Mahmoud to help me edit and he told me to use photoshop out of the 3 I chose the one that I felt looked the most natural and fitted in with the background really well. I used photoshop to edit the color a bit but it was already a good picture because I used natural light like law suggested. Therefore I didn’t have to work much on editing. Hoping for an A. Law give me and A. Thanks.


Week 7

During this week of type class, I decided to research more and look at other people’s work after Law showed us last years students project I felt that mine wasn’t gonna be as good and thought I would find a better material to use. I looked at coins as well as crayons. And ended up going back to my ideas of flowers after discussing my plans with Law. I was encouraged to use the same material I started out with but create a better design or technique to make it unique for example play with the pattern. Also I thought about how we only looked at the final of last years students and not their process and it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two. So for my next step I went out and bought a lot also I looked for branches or wooden sticks because I when I researched even more I found a monogram and the person used branches and stuck leaves and flowers I felt this was a nice addition to apply to my type project. So I discussed it with the professor and he agreed to it. So I worked really hard and printed my word, cut it and titled it. On Tuesday I came in with my final and a picture of the word in a setting. Turns out Law lied to me and said its due Tuesday but I had one more week to work on it. Everyone said it was nice and we critiqued each other Mahmoud suggested that I print mine bigger so i would have more control working with the flowers and Law suggested I changed the orange flowers on the M to darker ones so it blends nicely with the rest of the flowers as it was to bright.


Week 6

Now that we’re into the next week after I got an idea for what we had to do from other students I had no idea what to use for my word I print the 40 I did and use them. I walked around the house looking for things to use and any objects that could work. After that from those items I connected it to each word which I thought best would fit together. On Tuesday we had to write our names on the bored in groups and talk to Law about our ideas. I showed him the variety of words I did he liked a couple but the most one that stood out was the one where I used petals. He suggested I go with flowers and showed me a couple of ideas. After that I decided to research and look at images on the internet to get a better understanding of how to work with the flowers.

Week 5

Starting the step we had to choose and fix the spacing in the type words, we had to do like 50 because Law is evil. We also had to annotate them and write some change that we would make. We had to bring that to class on Thursday but I was absent that day. I talked to the girls over the weekend on what we had to do and looked at some of the work they did. We had to experiment on the words and see what objects or items would work well with the word or it can be something that’s the opposite of the word. For example for the word Jamel which is beautiful an idea would be flowers as that is considered beautiful.

Week 7

After the critique the last week I also went to discuss my poster with Law just to know exactly what changes I should make to improve. In the critique Fatima mentioned that using your hands rather than just illustrator was a good idea. So when I spoke to Law he said it would be better to change my background to actual brush strokes and scan it. After do that I felt my poster was so much better it had actually done a major difference and I feel like it look nicer than it did before. Also the changes I had to make was remove the word change since I had already written it. As well as move the text and change the size. During the hater critique exercise some mention they didn’t know what the circle represented therefore for my final I added signs of a compass to show what it’s representing. Also I changed the illustration of the cigarette to an actual scan of cigarette. At first I thought this wasn’t going to look very good after seeing some other students posters with scans. I felt that there scans weren’t fitting in with the rest of the poster either because it didn’t blend in with the poster or because the difference in lighting made it look not very professional and like someone just stuck these items in there. However after added the scanned version of the cigarette I didn’t have the same problem as the other students I actually thinking it fitted in quite well.

Week 6

The following week I created a sketch of how my final poster is going to be. Everyone had to print in a3 and hang it. I felt like mine was too simple and my quote was just a random one I found just to link it to my object which was brush. Some of the students had nice posters with i strong message. After talking to Law he explained that the poster wasn’t like finding a strong message like racism or gender equality it was about our 100 things. So starting from there I felt like I had better ideas for my poster also we discussed the message I wanted to send out through my poster which was Change you for you. Basically I thought of all the materials I used for my 100 things and came up with An idea. My message is that people shouldn’t change just to fit in, for example if someone wanted to be friends with a group of people who smoke that person would likely be influenced to smoke just to be a part of that group and this happens all around and there are several different examples of people changing to fit in a community. The objects I decide to go with that’s linked to my 100 things are cigarette, brush, manicure, and lipstick, and compass. I feel like these object are the best to help explain what I’m trying to convey. After that I created my second sketch which is a whole lot better than my first one and I could definitely see improvement after referring to my 100 things and developing my ideas based on that.

Week 5: Posters

This week we were introduced to the new project in design methods and processes. We looked at posters on the wall. To me a couple stood out. The ones that were simple and had a clear message were ones I liked, also we discussed hierarchy and composition. Some were too crowded which wasn’t a good thing. For my poster I had to use the same object as I used for my 100 things which was a brush. At first I was confused as to how am I supposed to create a poster with a strong message just like the ones we looked at in class. Also we had to have a text. For homework we had to look at quotes that we might use for our poster that’s linked to our object and create about five sketches of how our poster will look like. When I created my sketches I drew 5 boxes on a sheet of a4 paper and drew basic compositions with barely any details of how my posters layout will look like, when I came to class we were put into groups and had to discuss our ideas, quotes and sketches. Everyone had these nice detailed sketch of their poster which I brought in the most simplified undetailed sketches. However, I explained my idea to the group and they helped me develop some new ideas to help create my poster. Also it was a nice exercise because everyone benefited from each other by giving advice and ideas to better our posters.