Design Methods and Processes: 100 things: Week 3

For this project I chose an object and brought it to class. From that object I created a mind map in which I linked the object to. My chosen object was a brush. While constructing a mind map I research different ways of linking my object to other things and how and what it can be used for. I tried thinking of it in an indirect way which made connecting the objects to other things much easier. By doing this I developed more ideas and ways to create my 100 things. I used different mediums and objects to represent the brush. If I had to change something I would improve on making my 100 things more colorful and creative.

I learned that doing the process work helped me a lot in developing my final things, also I learnt that you can be very creative by using an indirect way of linking two materials together. Also the research helped a lot in developing my ideas and linking two things to one another. After this project it helped my change my thinking in a way of making more creative work and develop more ideas.


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