Type: Week 3

For the type project I first experimented with figuring out how to arrange two letters together and mostly I focused on showing what each letter was. My idea was choosing bold letters that consisted of thick black lines so it would be easier to make 50 percent black and 50 percent white. However, this was difficult because my letters weren’t getting to the size I wanted them. Then I found out that I had to make the letters into outlines that way it was so much easier to create my type. Throughout the process I learnt a lot for examples the more I tried and created the easier it got so with practice it helped me reach my final. Also I learnt that using Arabic letters was much harder since it has more space. At first I thought this was so difficult but by the end it felt a lot easier and instead of focusing on getting the letters to show I focused on creating a nice design which made my final look a lot better that the first couple of ones I tried, and that’s how my thinking changed throughout the whole process. I attached my final 9 as well as two process ones just to show the comparison.


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