Week 2: Design methods and processes

The following week we had a lecture about semiotics, we were introduced to the topic and semiology. What stood out to me was that everything communicates which means everything is a sign, this stood out to me because I never thought of signs that way but it is in fact true. We also learnt about the first 3 signs which are icon, symbol and index. Later on we learnt the rest that include poetic, pragmatic, signs and etc. Also we had to bring in our first 40 signs, I created a list in which I wrote the two opposite words and what I would do next to it which helped me in organization. Every time I finished a pair I would cross it out of the list. We brought this to class and had to choose 9 from our signs. We were put in groups and had to say what each sign was for example index or symbol etc. and why. This helped in understanding the different types of signs.


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