Week 2: Type

The second week we had to do another 30 of the type. In class we had to print them out and stick them up on the wall. We discussed what was wrong with each of our work. I was comparing my work to others thinking that they did a lot better and wondering how they did it. However, in my next 30 I was still facing the same problems which were trying to make the letter show, and trying to make the black and white 50 percent each. After the discussion I thought that using bold letters would help solve my issue of having too much white. That helped however a major issue I was having is sizing the letter which I then learnt that I was doing it wrong because I wasn’t using the (create outline) option which made life so much easier. From there I started seeing the difference and started liking the project once I learned how to do it right. I liked how different letters created different shapes which was quite interesting.


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