Type: Week 4

During this week in type we had to choose two pairs of words Latin and Arabic. After that we had to write them all in the typefaces that were allowed to use. During class we had to print all 80, choose 1 pair and put them outside in the class. Before that the professor explained how some words have unequal spacing and how spacing can differ based on the curvature of a letter or the shape of it, at first I was confused and couldn’t understand the whole point of it really. When we went out and placed our words on the floor, we had to walk on top of it and look at them I could see what the professor was talking about. For homework we had to do experimentations on our words as well as annotate them and figuring out how to do this thing called kerning. I felt it was too much to fix all the spacing for every single typeface and word and I still feel a bit confused…..



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