Week 5: Posters

This week we were introduced to the new project in design methods and processes. We looked at posters on the wall. To me a couple stood out. The ones that were simple and had a clear message were ones I liked, also we discussed hierarchy and composition. Some were too crowded which wasn’t a good thing. For my poster I had to use the same object as I used for my 100 things which was a brush. At first I was confused as to how am I supposed to create a poster with a strong message just like the ones we looked at in class. Also we had to have a text. For homework we had to look at quotes that we might use for our poster that’s linked to our object and create about five sketches of how our poster will look like. When I created my sketches I drew 5 boxes on a sheet of a4 paper and drew basic compositions with barely any details of how my posters layout will look like, when I came to class we were put into groups and had to discuss our ideas, quotes and sketches. Everyone had these nice detailed sketch of their poster which I brought in the most simplified undetailed sketches. However, I explained my idea to the group and they helped me develop some new ideas to help create my poster. Also it was a nice exercise because everyone benefited from each other by giving advice and ideas to better our posters.


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