Week 6

The following week I created a sketch of how my final poster is going to be. Everyone had to print in a3 and hang it. I felt like mine was too simple and my quote was just a random one I found just to link it to my object which was brush. Some of the students had nice posters with i strong message. After talking to Law he explained that the poster wasn’t like finding a strong message like racism or gender equality it was about our 100 things. So starting from there I felt like I had better ideas for my poster also we discussed the message I wanted to send out through my poster which was Change you for you. Basically I thought of all the materials I used for my 100 things and came up with An idea. My message is that people shouldn’t change just to fit in, for example if someone wanted to be friends with a group of people who smoke that person would likely be influenced to smoke just to be a part of that group and this happens all around and there are several different examples of people changing to fit in a community. The objects I decide to go with that’s linked to my 100 things are cigarette, brush, manicure, and lipstick, and compass. I feel like these object are the best to help explain what I’m trying to convey. After that I created my second sketch which is a whole lot better than my first one and I could definitely see improvement after referring to my 100 things and developing my ideas based on that.


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