Week 7

After the critique the last week I also went to discuss my poster with Law just to know exactly what changes I should make to improve. In the critique Fatima mentioned that using your hands rather than just illustrator was a good idea. So when I spoke to Law he said it would be better to change my background to actual brush strokes and scan it. After do that I felt my poster was so much better it had actually done a major difference and I feel like it look nicer than it did before. Also the changes I had to make was remove the word change since I had already written it. As well as move the text and change the size. During the hater critique exercise some mention they didn’t know what the circle represented therefore for my final I added signs of a compass to show what it’s representing. Also I changed the illustration of the cigarette to an actual scan of cigarette. At first I thought this wasn’t going to look very good after seeing some other students posters with scans. I felt that there scans weren’t fitting in with the rest of the poster either because it didn’t blend in with the poster or because the difference in lighting made it look not very professional and like someone just stuck these items in there. However after added the scanned version of the cigarette I didn’t have the same problem as the other students I actually thinking it fitted in quite well.


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