Week 7

During this week of type class, I decided to research more and look at other people’s work after Law showed us last years students project I felt that mine wasn’t gonna be as good and thought I would find a better material to use. I looked at coins as well as crayons. And ended up going back to my ideas of flowers after discussing my plans with Law. I was encouraged to use the same material I started out with but create a better design or technique to make it unique for example play with the pattern. Also I thought about how we only looked at the final of last years students and not their process and it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two. So for my next step I went out and bought a lot also I looked for branches or wooden sticks because I when I researched even more I found a monogram and the person used branches and stuck leaves and flowers I felt this was a nice addition to apply to my type project. So I discussed it with the professor and he agreed to it. So I worked really hard and printed my word, cut it and titled it. On Tuesday I came in with my final and a picture of the word in a setting. Turns out Law lied to me and said its due Tuesday but I had one more week to work on it. Everyone said it was nice and we critiqued each other Mahmoud suggested that I print mine bigger so i would have more control working with the flowers and Law suggested I changed the orange flowers on the M to darker ones so it blends nicely with the rest of the flowers as it was to bright.



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