Week 8

For this week in Methods and Processes we were introduced to the new project which was mapping, we already had a brief description of what mapping is last class and we were asked to look a maps over the weekend for example menus, actual maps of a country etc. and we had to bring it to class the following week. So this week we also discussed what map is in a moe deeper sense. Each person had to go into a category of three which are Destinations and places, second is Food Recipes, and the third was How to. I immediately put my name under food because Law said this was his favourite topic so I figured it would be the most fun and interesting. Next we were split and put into our groups according to each category. We had to discuss which food we were going to chose. Some people had immediate answers while I was sitting there blank with no idea on what to do or which food to go for. So I researched different foods and I was still stuck not knowing what to do. Mostly I feel like the reason I’m always stuck on figuring out what to do is because I want to chose something unique and interesting that would make my final look amazing. The next class we also had to discuss more our ideas and I still didn’t think of anything or what my food should be. So as we were discussing people said they were going to do pizza or burger which were all ideas I was considering as it was something easy and something I can do. So I walked out of class clueless on what I was going to do for this project and was hoping I would come up with something over the weekend since we also had to create 3 sketches.


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