During this project I faced some struggles like layout and drawing. I started out the project facing a lot of difficulties. I feel like if I had better sketches of my poster it would have been easier to create my final but in this case I kept changing it and nothing was working. The first struggle was laying it out on the poster it wasn’t organised at all. The second was I wasn’t satisfied with the first and second illustrations. And the third was making the title work and the background. Also my poster did have enough information. So I fixed this by taking more time on my drawing and changing the medium used which made all the difference. For the title I change the whole thing since it wasn’t working and for the layout I research some layout to help me create my final. There was many trial and error but I feel like I’m satisfied with my final because theres a huge difference between my first poster and my final the improvements shows which is why I feel like I have a good final poster. I learned that research is key and is very beneficial when your stuck on something. Also I learn many new techniques on illustrator every time I use it. Lastly I feel like mostly I learned how to better layout and have better illustrations since that was the most sections I improved on.



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