Week 10

For this week we had to bring in a A3 poster of our sketch. I felt my wasn’t as strong enough it definitely needed more work and for the background I completely forgot to go with my initial idea or even the suggestion the group gave me. Instead I went with just a black background which was kind of boring. I did however follow my sketch of the layout. However I also didn’t like how it looked I felt it was disorganized. During that class we had to write 5 comments on everyone’s poster. After that I felt my poster needed many improvements and I spoke to Law after class he suggested I draw the illustrations and make my title like the last type project by making the word pasta out of actual pasta. For the next class we had to make an a2 mock up of our final and tile it since we were going to have a hatred session. I drew the illustrations and used colored pencils, I also create my title out of pasta. I got a background of a cutting board however it ended up being pixilated. The final was due the following week and I wasn’t at all satisfied with what I have done so far. Law suggested I find a better picture for the background and add more text as the instructions weren’t clear. Also I felt that the title wasn’t going with the poster I tried playing with the color to make it fit but it just wasn’t working. Also I decided to make new illustrations and use markers instead since I thought the coloring pencils didn’t look as nice. Also I got a cutting board from Home and scanned it but it was white so I played around with the color on photoshop. I also decided to go with a portrait view instead of landscape and thought it would be more organized that way by also laying it out differently.


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