Week 10

The following week we had to bring in 20 papers 10 a3 and 10 a4 where we had to create our sentences and consider spacing, leading, tracking, placement, size and of course the typeface. I felt it wasn’t that hard creating it. We had to use in design which I found a bit difficult and annoying at times but Law said we should use the software and it’s better to use it for this project. It took some time getting used to the program and how to use it but by the end I got the hang of it and it wasn’t so bad however I still prefer using illustrator maybe because I’m more used to it. When we brought in our first 20 Law asked us the same questions he did last class also he gave us some suggestions on how to improve them. Out of this class I feel that a smaller font size is better looking than a big type size. The first ones I did were actually too big and what I realized was that it looks completely different on paper than on the laptop. So the next step was creating 20 a3 and 20 a4. Based on what Law said in the other class I changed my next 40. After that I felt there was some improvements however I still wasn’t like the font size I felt some were too big and thought the smaller ones looked much better. We also had to chose 4 of our best and critique each other’s type. I felt after that and after talking to the professors I understand the type much better and how to think more about placement and most importantly intentionality.


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