Week 9

This week in type class we are starting a new project which is sentences. First we stared with letters then words and now we are on to sentences. The first thing we had to do was an activity. There were 4 piles of small tiny papers and from those nine piles we had to chose 2 from each and using those words we had form a sentence of course with the addition of adding any words we want to make a well formed sentence. I came up with 3 sentences however I think we had to do 5. I decided to go with my first sentence since it was the best one. I felt the others were too long and not as well formed. And that was step one of the whole project. Step two was for homework we had to come in next class with printed papers of our sentences. We had to type our sentences using all the type faces to see which one we liked best. After that we had to play around with kerning and we had to think about how to break our sentences and fix the tracking if it needed any as well as the leading. We had to then print them and bring it in to class we had a critique. We put our paper on the tables and Law asked us what we noticed and what we found difficult and which were working and which were not. After that our next homework was looking at the scale, emphasis and how it fits onto the paper. We also had to consider the proportion of the paper and how to place our sentence on it.

  • Law is secretly crazy he sings silently on his immense lounge chair while staring at a giggling skeleton.
  • A giggling skeleton got off his immense lounge chair and went for a walk while singing silently, everyone thought he was crazy and but secretly they were.
  • Law comes to uni whilst silently singing and giggling, he sits on his immense lounge chair, nobody knows he’s secretly crazy and talks to skeletons

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